Jillian Hamilton

Writer   |   Podcast Host   |   Producer 

Jillian Hamilton is the creator, writer, producer, host and narrator of the podcast Cheating:The Pain and Passion of Longing


Cheating: The Pain and Passion of Longing began as a series of short fictional stories about cheating based on true life events. The podcast is a narration of those short stories and real life interviews about cheating. Readers’ interest in the taboo topic of cheating and extra marital affairs sparked Jillian’s quest to interview men and women whose lives have been affected by cheating; cheaters, betrayed partners, children and family members affected by affairs, attorneys, mental health professionals and anyone whose work puts them at the center of cheating and infidelity.


Jillian had a 20 year career as a TV host for Fox, FX, TLC, and Discovery. She began her TV career in Paris, France as a VJ and celebrity interviewer for the national channel M6.


Creator, writer, producer, host and narrator of Cheating:The Pain and Passion of Longing

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