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Exclusive: Jillian Hamilton Talks New Podcast ‘Cheating: When Love Lies’

PodcastOne, a leading podcast platform and a subsidiary of LiveXLive Media, announced today the podcast launch of Cheating: When Love Lies from host Jillian Hamilton.

Cheating: When Love Lies, which is set to be sold and distributed by PodcastOne is a deep dive into the complex emotions surrounding these secret unions. The podcast, which debuts on July 20, is available on PodcastOne, Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Amazon and wherever podcasts are heard. Creator and host, Hamilton, delves into the taboo topic of cheating and asks the hard questions about affairs: how common are they, who’s having them, and why? These questions illicit unexpected answers that reveal both men and women as people actively seeking something – validation, escape, understanding, vengeance, thrill, love, sex, and romance – outside of committed partnerships. Cheating: When Love Lies resists the condemnation of affairs as uniquely wrong or bad and instead considers their usefulness in learning as much about relationships as we learn about ourselves. “I hope that with Cheating: When Love Lies, listeners find a place where we can talk about affairs in an effort to understand them and not solely to judge them. I’m thrilled to be at PodcastOne, the leader in the podcast space, “ said Hamilton.

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