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Betrayed Husband on Marriage Counseling Gone Wrong | Cheating: When Love Lies (Ep 1)

Betrayed Husband on Marriage Counseling Gone Wrong | Cheating: When Love Lies (Ep 1) now playing on PodcastOne: and YouTube:

Your marriage is in shambles; riddled with stories of cheating, drugs and alcohol. You and your spouse seek out a professional: someone who’s going to guide you, and help lead your marriage back to solid ground. There are so many mental health care professionals that are heroes and saviors, but what happens when the therapist you and your spouse rely on betrays you? On this episode of Cheating: When Love Lies, find out why it’s critical for every couple to vet their therapist, and find one they can truly trust.

About the show:

Affairs are prevalent but rarely talked about relationships. The podcast, Cheating: When Love Lies, is a deep dive into the complex emotions surrounding these secret unions.

Creator and host, Jillian Hamilton, delves into this taboo topic and asks the hard questions about affairs: how common are they, who’s having them, and why? These questions illicit unexpected answers that reveal both men and women as people actively seeking something— validation, escape, understanding, vengeance, thrill, love, sex, and romance — outside of marriage or committed partnerships.

Cheating: When Love Lies resists the condemnation of affairs as uniquely wrong or bad and instead considers their usefulness in learning as much about relationships as we learn about ourselves.

On the podcast, Jillian narrates her short fictional stories about cheating based on true life events. The narration is followed by a roundtable discussion with everyday people who react to the story and share their own thoughts on infidelity. Jillian also interviews cheaters and betrayed partners. These interviews are raw and real—and at times maddening or heartbreaking.

Listen now to Cheating: When Love Lies. Are you ready for the truth?

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Allison Howarts
Allison Howarts
Feb 21, 2022

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