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Glimpse of Jillian Hamilton, Podcaster

[Glimpse Guides] Jillian Hamilton is a woman of many talents. From philanthropy (she is well-known on the Greenwich gala scene) to fashion design, and now creator of the popular podcast, Cheating: The Pain + Passion of Longing, her list of creative accomplishments is impressive. Her youtube podcast has over a hundred thousand views to date, proving she has found her true calling as an entertainer, and on a topic that speaks to many people–whether you’ve been affected by cheating or you’re just intrigued by it. We found it fascinating, and the perfect companion to a margarita on that beach, now that we’re all traveling again. But before you listen, find out more about Jillian below, including her favorite travel spots, tidbits on her daughter, Hollywood actress Ashley Aufderheide (this family was clearly born to entertain!), and how Jillian started her new passion.

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